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Hidden Truth Music Organization collaboration is here to reveal the traps in the music industry

Independent Artists

Hidden Truth Music is here to reveal the traps in the music industry so that you can succeed in being an independent artist.

Displayed on this page is just some of the Independent Artists that have achieved their goals by utilizing our services of marketing. Remembering also that this is only just one area of our services.

Bree Noble - California USA

Bree Noble Bree Noble On stage or in the studio, Bree Noble is an outstanding vocal talent. Her fans will tell you that she has the unusual ability to sing everything from Rock ‘n Roll to Opera. Whether she’s performing her lyric-driven pop/rock or a sensitive acoustic ballad, her vocals communicate deep emotion. This classically trained vocalist may even throw in an occasional offering by Bach or Mozart to shake things up.Check out Bree noble on www.breenoble.com and www.myspace.com/breenoble.

The Twins Vision - Adelaide Australia

Candice and Nadinne The Twins Vision (Candice and Nadinne) identical twin duo from South Australia, originally hailing from Victoria. Music has always been the girls main interest, from early on. They started singing at the age of 5. By the age of 8, Candice and Nadinne had decided upon the direction their life would take, and that direction has been Entertaining everyone they can, anywhere! Check out their website www.midnightmirror.com

Jerry Allen - Pennsylvania USA

Jerry Allen  Jerry Allen is known as a vivacious, charismatic and endearing performer. He trained in classical piano for two years at the age of 13 with Maine virtuoso, Sybil Gleason and soon moved beyond even what she could teach him. Jerry has a natural ear for music and soon began improvising on the classics all by himself. Check Jerry out on www.jerryallenmusic.com or www.myspace.com/jerryallen 


Denise Jerrido - North Carolina USA

Denise Jerrido  Soul music. Music from the soul. Music from the heart. It can come from any genre, any sound, any body. It just has to touch someone, somewhere, and it has to be true and honest. No disguises. Just clear communication. Denise has many songs on compilation CD's such as "Rainbow Journey" "Little Italian Girl" and put out a CD called "Matthew" in dedication for a young boy who was born with a disability. Check out Denise Jerrido on www.denisejerrido.com


Joe Pierre - San Diego USA

Joe Pierre  Joe Pierre's musical career started at his graduation at JR High. He was selected to sing that great song "OLD MAN RIVER" from that day he knew that he was going to be an entertanier. He never looked back, and he performed in many countries by being in the US NAVY (avaition dept) Joe Pierre was the band leader of "PIERRE & THE MARKEES" for about eleven years then he started singing gospel in 1987.   Joe Pierre still has that R&B feel in the songs that he writes. The song "Hold On" was inspired through situations going on in his church.  Also from an accident that took the lives of his best friend his Daughter and her children, his only Grand kids. That song came real easy to Joe Pierre, and thanks be to God.


Ronnie Nelms - Austin Texas USA

Ronnie Nelms  Ronnie Nelms, a great songwriter and vocalist who joined our collaboration five years ago. His style, his flair, was amazing.  Ronnie Nelms worked closely with LohnRiver on many projects for compilation CD's and it became a great success.  Ronnie was always commenting, "your song is not a song with out your tags and hooks people".  With many of his written songs, and his collaborating partners, their music has now traveled the world to many digital download companies, and to one of the biggest Distribution companies known as CD Baby. Ronnie Nelms has his songs on "Trials of Rosa" "Nashville Nights"
All of the above independent artists have learnt the hidden truth and traps that there are through hard experiences and they know how to ask the right questions from the legal experts.