Hidden Truth Music Organization

Hidden Truth Music Organization collaboration is here to reveal the traps in the music industry

Digital Distribution

Hidden Truth Music is here to reveal the traps in the music industry so that you can succeed in being an independent artist.

The Deal

  • Think of it like traditional physical distribution:

  • You are the label. (You own the music and all rights.)

  • The retail store is now Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo, ringtone companies, etc.

  • Hidden Truth Music  is just the distributor that gets your music to the retailer.

  • They pay us. We pay you.

  • We do not take any rights to your music. This is not a record deal.

  • You are just “lending” us the right to be your digital distributor, for the albums you tell us distribute, for as long as you want.
You can cancel at any time. We will never tie up your rights or make it hard for you to leave.


So experieces show that there are hidden traps in everything to do with the music industry.
Independent artists need proper legal advice, asking the right questions about lyrics and everything else.
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