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Hidden Truth Music Organization collaboration is here to reveal the traps in the music industry

Entertainment Agent


Hidden Truth Music is here to reveal the traps in the music industry so that you can succeed in being an independent artist.

Entertainment Agent or Promoter:
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Traveling the local circuit for paid work will inevitably introduce you to the local 'Entertainment Agent or Promoter'. Both provide an essential service to artists/bands by removing the hassle of finding gigs. (In Theory!!) Their main function is to find the acts on their books as many gigs as possible, some may even help to put together a sensible gigging strategy. A good agent will be in touch with other agents and promoters who may exchange information on who they currently have touring or swap/share gigs. This gives their artists the opportunity to open a show or appear with a more established act or deputies for a late cancellation in a venue otherwise unavailable. More Information


One of the biggest traps in the music industry is that of not choosing the right kind of agent.
So there are hidden questions one should be asking to get to the truth of what kind of agent we should get.
We should look to the experiences of those who have been there as independent artists.
So this is not about lyrics or legal issues, but still there are hidden traps.
Mind you you do need to be sure that you get the right legal advice before signing up to an agent.
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