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How to write Lyrics

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Written by Jennarosa © 2000

I have finally discovered the idea of starting a new song while I am finishing another. It eases the transition into something new and helps to avoid those nasty confrontations with a writers block. This got me thinking about starting a song, what an odd and difficult thing it is.Once you are well into it, a song tends to dictate where it wants to go - your job is to keep it on course.

So what DOES come first - lyrics, melody, or chords?
The answer is... none of the above!

When you look at a CD cover, before you even play a song, what do you see? When you go into a record store or online to buy your favorite song... what do you ask for? The title says it all. That's what comes first... the TITLE!!! Create a picture in your mind, and then put the song to a story head liner.

Don't start writing a song until you have a title that moves you. The title is going to be your chorus, your hook, the heart of your song, so it must be a phrase that rings true in your ears. If you want to know, others will want to know. The title is going to be the thing that everyone remembers (hopefully). Most important: It's going to define the message of the song.

So start looking around for good titles. When you listen to other people, to the television, or read a magazine, always keep a little corner of your mind alert for phrases that capture your attention. Start making a list. You'll end up throwing out most of these or using some for lyric lines, but others will become the titles that drive your songs. more information

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The above article was written by a person who knows what they are saying from her experiences as an independent artist.
She has left no hidden traps for you, but has spoken the truth.
Of course we are not dealing here with legal problems, but about the problems and questions that arise simply trying to write a song.
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