Hidden Truth Music Organization

Hidden Truth Music Organization collaboration is here to reveal the traps in the music industry

Optional Sync Rights

Hidden Truth Music is here to reveal the traps in the music industry so that you can succeed in being an independent artist.

An optional way for you to earn more income from your music in non-traditional ways.

Any time your music is accompanied by a visual image, it requires an audio-visual synchronization license. (Known as a “sync license”).

The most popular uses of a sync license are for putting your music into movies, TV, DVDs, or games.

But there are many new business models that would also require a sync license, even if much smaller, such as playing your music behind...

  • ... an online greeting card
  • ... a photo slideshow
  • ... a screen-saver
  • ... video podcasts / video blogs
  • ... an in-office corporate presentation
  • ... and others we haven't imagined yet.

The companies that are doing this kind of music placement need advance clearance from you, in order to make your music available online to these new forms of income. We can not call you for separate permission for every possible use. Instead, any income generated would just come in with your other sales report.

You can give us advance clearance all your original songs, or just selected songs of your choice. (Or none, of course.) If you have too many concerns about this, then don't do it.


I have a feeling that one could sink into the sink traps though optional sync rights.
So make sure you get the right qualified legal advice first.
There is so much hidden in the music industry, we really need to know the truth.
Independent artists and lyric writers must ask questions before they have bad experiences.
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